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Creating and Deleting Mailing Lists

How to create a Mailing List

  1. 1.Tap on Settings

  2. 2.Tap on “Mailing List”

  3. 3.Adjust the Contents and Destination settings accordingly

  4. 4.Tap the “Create Mailing List” button.  If you are not emailing the mailing list, your mailing list has been created.

  5. 5.If you chose to email the mailing list, enter a recipient for the email in the “To:” field.

  6. 6.Tap the “Send” button.  Your mailing list will be emailed as an attachment and it is also available for download next time you sync the device with iTunes.

How to download a Mailing List

  1. 1.Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer

  2. 2.In iTunes, under “Devices” click on your device’s name

  3. 3.Click on “Apps” at the top of your device’s summary page

  4. 4.Towards the bottom of the page, under the “File Sharing” section, click on Client Board

  5. 5.To the right, you will see a list of all available mailing lists.  Select one, and click on the “Save to...” button