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Track all your clients at a glance!

Its easy and intuitive.  The icons let you know if a task for your clients is done, late, or not due just yet.  To change the status of a task, simply tap on the icon.

List your tasks

You can view all your tasks as a list.  Changing the status of a task is as simple as tapping on the check box.  You can view the tasks for all your clients or for any particular client, simply by tapping on your client’s name.

Need to know where to go on a certain day?

Add locations to your tasks and Client Board will let you know where you need to go on any day.  Its as simple as tapping on the calendar day at the top of the screen.

Templates save you time

Instead of re-entering by hand the same tasks for your clients over and over, create a template with the tasks.  Then, while editing the client, tap on Apply Template and the tasks will be created automatically for you.  Its that simple!

Customize Client Board to fit your business

Create custom categories and status to fit the way your business works.  Categories and status allow you to classify and group clients in an effective and simple manner.


Client Board is designed to be used on an iPad, an iPhone, or an iPod Touch. 


Mailing Lists


Archival allows you to put away client who are no longer active.  This way, you can de-clutter your main view without loosing any data.

Create mailing lists of your clients in .csv format and email them to yourself or download them next time you sync with iTunes.  Then, import the mailing list to your spread sheet software of choice to create letters, envelopes, or mailing labels. 

Sync your Client Board data through Bluetooth with other iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touches.